The Stagnant State of the iPhone 5 Jailbreak

The Stagnant State of the iPhone 5 Jailbreak


iPhone 5

It has been a few months since the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, but still no tetherless jailbreak in sight. So when will we see a jailbreak solution that doesn’t require tethering to work? It’s hard to say for sure.

When it comes to jailbreaking, there are several big names out there for such hacks. One of these names is p0d2g.

Unfortunately, p0d2g has confirmed through Twitter that he isn’t focusing on such a solution at the time, but that doesn’t mean other famous jailbreakers aren’t still trying there hand at it.

According to p0sixninja, he is currently looking for ways to dump the bootROM. Other hackers are focusing on looking into kernel exploits. This means that not all efforts have been abandoned, we just don’t have an easy solution at hand yet.

From the sounds of it, iOS 6 has been much harder to crack than any previous version of iOS. Where there is a will, there is a way, though. In time, someone will find a way around this, so don’t give up yet. In the meantime, enjoy the many great features for your iOS 6 device that don’t require jailbreaking.

If you absolutely need a jailbreak solution in your life, you might be better off sticking with an iOS 5 device.

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