$20 for a Solar Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight

$20 for a Solar Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight


I know. It almost sounds completely counter-intuitive to have a solar powered flashlight, but this handy little gadget from XTG Technology looks like it could be pretty useful. And it’s only twenty bucks, so you don’t have that much to lose anyway.

The XTG SOLLANT solar portable battery pack has a total capacity of 1800mAh and has a standard USB output. What this means is that it will provide enough juice to give a complete recharge to most modern smartphones, including the iPhone. It’s great for your MP3 player or any other USB powered device, but it is limited to a 500mAh output, so it won’t work with an iPad.

As an added bonus to the whole solar battery pack thing, this product also comes with a button for “multifunctional lighting options,” including a flashlight, an SOS strobe, a bright lantern or a dim lantern. It’s good for camping and outdoor activities, for instance.

You can pick it up for $19.99 from Amazon, which is a solid $50 off the regular list price of $69.99. Buy another five bucks worth of stuff and you’ll qualify for the super saver shipping too.