Google’s Nexus 4 8GB is Out of Stock Again

Google’s Nexus 4 8GB is Out of Stock Again


Have you tried your luck at buying Google’s flagship handset, the LG Nexus 4? If so, you would know that it can be quite frustrating and difficult ordeal, except for the few lucky enough to get an order through.

The words “Sold Out” are plastered on the Google Play ordering page in capital letters and red. “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.”, has been on the website a few times now and the backorder on the device had reached 9-10 weeks.

The 16GB variant  is in stock on Google’s website despite a 6-7 week delay in shipping. With a price tag so low and specs so good, it is not that surprising to see the LG Nexus 4 continue to fly off the virtual Google Play shelves. On the other hand, it is very strange to see Google having trouble fulfilling orders. This is not Google’s first rodeo, so you have to wonder if they are at fault or if LG is simply having trouble producing enough of Nexus 4 handsets.

Are you having trouble ordering a Google Nexus 4? What do you think about Google having trouble keeping up with Nexus 4 demand? Let us know in the comments below.

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