Facebook Releases Automatic Photo Sync

Facebook Releases Automatic Photo Sync


Facebook has now released a new feature to its mobile phone app for iOS and Android devices called “Photo Sync”, an automatic sync of your gallery photos to Facebook. Don’t panic yet, read on.

This feature has been in limited testing since August. When you open the Facebook app it automatically syncs your photos from your phone to a private “Synched From Phone” album on Facebook. Once in this album you choose which photos to share and which to delete.

The obvious concern here is battery life and data usage. Facebook luckily thought of that and included an optional feature to sync only over WiFi. If mobile data sync is activated, it will upload in a smaller size of approximately 100KB. Also Facebook has set its app to turn off when battery levels are too low.

If this sounds awesome to you, Photo Sync is already available without an update. Just simply activate the feature in the App Settings menu.

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