VLC Turns to Kickstarter to Gather Funds for Windows 8 App

VLC Turns to Kickstarter to Gather Funds for Windows 8 App



The team behind the VideoLAN VLC media player has officially announced plans to develop a native app for Windows 8. While the VideoLAN project has traditionally turned to user donations to help fund its endeavors, the team behind VLC is attempting to take this release to the next level by asking for help through a Kickstarter campaign.

With this campaign VideoLAN is attempting to raise $64,000 (£40,000) to hire two full-time developers to make the new app play nicely with ARM based Windows RT devices, as well as Intel-based Windows 8 hardware. The funds will also help pay for graphic designers for the upcoming Windows 8 application.

VLC, originally released in 2001, provides a catch all media player that is a must have for many video playback enthusiasts. With the Windows 8 app, the team hopes to bring all the same great functionality to the new Windows 8 Start UI.

There are several different rewards for backing the campaign, depending on the amount you donate. Just a few reward examples include having your name listed on the application as a sponsor, certificates of contribution, keychains, mugs, t-shirts, a banner add, and even an opportunity to meet the team in person.