StickNFind Locator System Makes Finding Lost Items Much Easier

StickNFind Locator System Makes Finding Lost Items Much Easier


Losing your remote, keys, and other items may soon be a thing of the past.  Presenting, StickNFind, the app based location tool.

By simply placing a small “sticker” onto any item, you can use a Bluetooth paired iOS or Android phone to determine how far away that item is.  The app uses a radar-like feature that shows the distance you are from the object, up to its 100ft max.  While it doesn’t show direction from the phone, that is easily discovered by simply moving around and narrowing it down based on distance, reminiscent of the child’s game of hotter/colder.

The app also has a “Virtual Leash” function which is able to notify you if a stickered object has moved out its 100 ft range.  Handy for when you have wandering kids or pets.  Another feature available is the “Find It” feature.  This will notify you when a selected sticker has moved into range of the radar.  Convenient when waiting for luggage at the airport, or locating that long lost item.

Each sticker is slightly thicker than a quarter, has its own watch battery and has a light and buzzer which you can activate with the application.  Up to 20 stickers can be tracked and customized per device.

While there are already products on the market like Gadget Hound, U Grok It, and BiKN, this is the first totally mobile app-based product that does not need external hardware or a phone dock.

The designers of StickNFind are attempting to raise funds through Indiegogo. Pledges range from $35 getting you 2 stickers at a discounted early bird price, or up to 20 stickers for $290.

What do you think of StickNFind, sound like something you could benefit from or not?

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