Portabee 3D Printer Now Selling for Only $480

Portabee 3D Printer Now Selling for Only $480


3D Printing has arguably become one of the latest and greatest technologies to hit the market. Unfortunately, the average person can only sit back and read about these printers because of their high price tags. For example, the Replicator 2 was recently released at $2,000, which was considered reasonable for such a device. Luckily, an affordable solution is at hand.

The Portabee 3D Printer can be yours for only $480, and is designed with portability in mind. Weighing only 2.8kg (6.2lbs) you can bring the Portabee along with you anywhere. For a fraction of the price of the competition, the Portabee offers the following features:

  • 120x120x120mm build volume
  • T2.5 New! 2GT (GT2) belts and machined pulleys
  • Full linear bearings on all axes
  • All stainless steel hardware where applicable, hardened steel linear rods (smooth rods)
  • Single board solution Gen6.d electronics with integrated fan and SD card support
  • Heated platform (printbed) included as standard
  • Uses common, tried and tested Ø 3mm* feedstock filament, commonly PLA and ABS materials
  • 0.5mm standard nozzle

Due to the fact that the Portabee is designed to be both affordable and more mobile than most other 3D printers  it can only print objects that are around the size of a coffee mug. In addition, unlike the Replicator 2, the Portabee lacks a quality design. Instead, the makers decided to go with the just raw parts as the outer layer. Still, it is hard to complain at such a budget-friendly price.

Interestingly enough, the parts for the Portabee are actually printed by other machines. What do you think of this affordable 3D printer, intrigued or not?

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