BMW i3 Plug-In Electric Concept Car

BMW i3 Plug-In Electric Concept Car


When you think about BMW, you’re much more likely to think about the “Ultimate Driving Experience” that you’d get with a vehicle like the M3, but the German automaker is trying to make some strides with the environmental crowd, too. At the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, the BMW i3 concept coupe was revealed to the public. The plug-in electric car is a compact coupe, but it almost has the appearance of a shrunken down crossover.

Michael Graham Richard of Treehugger says that the i3 “looks like a cross between a BMW SUV, a VW Golf, and a Nissan crossover.” I’m not sure about the Golf part, but I definitely see some Rogue and X1 action going in here, except it’s clearly meant to be a compact coupe.

As far as the technology involved, there is a BMW electric motor generating up to 125 kW/170 hp and a peak torque of 250 Newton meters (184 lb-ft). The concept vehicle is rear-wheel drive and the lithium-ion battery is stored under the floor, both of which should help with handling. The estimated range is 160 kilometers (100 miles).

The interior is unique with a main touchscreen panel in the center console. They’ve used “a mixture of leather, wood, wool and other renewable raw materials here. No word on pricing and availability. For now this BMW vehicle is just a concept and it may not even ever make it to production, but at least it indicates that BMW is actively exploring and expanding on its electric car efforts.