Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone 7.8 on Its Way in Early 2013

Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone 7.8 on Its Way in Early 2013


Ever buy a new phone to find out a week later that a better, faster, cooler phone just got released? We have all been there before, usually just stuck complaining to whomever will listen. Well, those who were Windows Phone 7 early adopters were stuck in that frustrating and helpless position when Windows Phone 8 was released. Fear not my friends, Microsoft’s long awaited Windows Phone 7.8 update is coming soon.

Previous rumors suggested that the update would hit by the end of the year. Unfortunately, Windows Phone Blog broke the news that the update will instead be released in early 2013.What will you get with the update to Windows 7.8? How about double the themes and accent colors, Words with Friends, Draw Something and don’t forget Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. This is a far cry from the features and enhancements you’d find in Windows Phone 8, but it is certainly better than being totally left in the dark.

While there is no solid release date for the Windows 7.8 update, at least they’re still working on it. So hang in there my thrifty friends, no need to abandon hope or your Windows Phone 7 just yet.

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