Microsoft Surface Pro Pricing Officially Unveiled, Starts at $899

Microsoft Surface Pro Pricing Officially Unveiled, Starts at $899

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

We are finally getting solid information about the Microsoft Surface Pro’s pricing. What’s the verdict? Pricing will start at $899 for a 64GB version, or $999 for a 128GB model.

What’s the difference between the Pro and “RT” models of the Surface? Quite a lot, actually. The Surface RT runs on an ARM processor and has a version of Windows called “Windows RT”. This works about the same as Windows 8 does, with the exception that it is missing true desktop application support. With the Surface you get an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM (instead of the RT’s 2GB), a 1080p display and an overall package that is a little heavier than the Surface RT but still weights less than two pounds. You also get a mini display port jack, a better battery and a full-size USB 3.0 port.

So is this pricing good or bad? It’s sort of neither. It isn’t that much higher than the iPad when you consider that you get the full power of desktop applications. That said, it is a little more expensive than the Macbook Air when you factor in the added cost of a Surface Touch Cover to give the Surface true laptop capabilities.

If Microsoft had targeted even just $100 lower on each model, the competition would have seriously been in trouble. At this price range? Microsoft still has a good shot of finding success, but perhaps not at the same level they might have if they had been willing to lower prices just a tad bit more.

If you like the new Windows Start UI and the design of the Microsoft Surface, you probably are asking in your head, “Should I get a Surface RT or Pro, then?” The answer depends on a few factors. If you have the extra cash around, get the Pro. It might weigh a little more and costs $400 more than the base 32GB Surface RT, but it also packs a bunch of extra functionality that could come in hand. Still, if you are short on cash, the RT is a great tablet and is probably more than good enough if you plan to use it for entertainment and only light productivity purposes.

For those that are looking to ditch their notebooks or even desktops? No doubt about it, you will want the full power of the Microsoft Surface RT. So how about it, which model do you think looks more promising given the pricing range?

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