Walmart offering Samsung Galaxy S3 920– Wait… What?

Walmart offering Samsung Galaxy S3 920– Wait… What?


In the magical world of Walmart you can apparently get a brand new phone called the Samsung Galaxy S3 920. It is apparently a red smartphone with a Nokia label and Windows Phone 8. Wait… what?

Okay, so this is clearly a mistake by someone at Walmart, but funny enough that we just have to call it out. The Galaxy S3 920 spec sheet seems to point towards this being a mislabeled S3 with a Nokia Lumia 920 picture, but hard to say what exactly they were trying to convey here, perhaps this is an ultra-rare Walmart-only Samsung-Nokia joint-product that runs Windows Phone 8 and Android. Jokes aside, the good news is that this particular listing is only “sold in limited stores” so no one accidentally bought this thing online.

Time to let this one go, but you really do have to wonder, what exactly was Walmart thinking here? Was this an accident, or did one employee decide to sneak this in as a big joke to see if anyone noticed? If it was just the wrong picture, I’d think it a mistake– but Walmart directly calls this the “Samsung Galaxy S3 920”. What do you think, total mistake or intentional?

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