Siri “Eyes Free” Coming to Chevy Sonic and Spark Next Year

Siri “Eyes Free” Coming to Chevy Sonic and Spark Next Year



During Apple’s iOS6 keynote at WWDC a few months ago, Apple told us that they were working with car manufacturers to bring Siri to the wheel. More specifically, Apple announced they were working with:

  • Toyota
  • GM
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Honda
  • Land Rover
  • Jaguar
This morning at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, General Motors (GM) released a press statement saying that sometime next year the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic will be outfitted with Siri, the intelligent assistant.
Before you get too exited, let me explain to you how GM plans to go about doing this. Unfortunately, your brand new Chevrolet will not come with an iPhone 5 or any other Apple device. Instead, drivers can connect their iOS 6 iPhone to the car’s Chevrolet MyLink system. GM added that MyLink comes standard in these cars and put an asterisk by iPhone. Although they did not address the asterisk, we assume that you will be limited to using an iPhone 5 and/or an iPhone 4S.
Eyes free can be used to: make hands-free calls; play iTunes music; switch between radio and iPod mode; listen to and compose iMessages and text messages; and access and edit your Calendar. Furthermore, Eyes Free mode will disable your iPhone’s screen from lighting up and also from displaying web pages as answers in Siri.
So what do you think, will you be buying a Chevy vehicle equipped with Siri Eyes Free next year?

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