HTC Droid DNA Bootloader is Now Unlockable After All

HTC Droid DNA Bootloader is Now Unlockable After All



The HTC Droid DNA represents a big change in the smartphone world. It is the first 1080p smartphone and has tons of power under the hood, making it one of the hottest smartphones around. Unfortunately, it also is an exclusive to only one network – Verizon – and is locked down thanks to its bootloader. Or is it?

The good news is that the folks behind the popular Android site “Android Police” and the talents at RootzWiki have now found a way to open things up a bit more. The idea is that you have to modify the device so it appears as an unbranded phone, and thus will allow it to work just fine with HTC’s official bootloader unlocking tool.

This is excellent news since it now makes an already attractive smartphone even better. Now that you can in fact unlock the HTC Droid DNA, are you tempted to pick up this 5-inch smartphone from Verizon?

For a guide on getting the Droid DNA unlocked, check out the source link.

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