Phorce Smart Bag Charges Your Gadgets on the Go

Phorce Smart Bag Charges Your Gadgets on the Go


Battery life has become a very important concern with our increasingly digital lifestyles and the world’s first “smart bag” addresses that very need. It’s called Phorce, and it’s a bag with an integrated 54Whr battery pack that you can use to top up your various mobile devices.

That’s enough juice to provide your 15-inch MacBook Pro with an added 4 hours of operation or enough to charge your iPhone eight times over. That’s much larger than most of the portable battery packs that you see in the market, so it helps that it’s integrated into a comfortable bag. But that’s not the only thing that supposed to make Phorce so “smart.”

It also has a smartphone application. You connect to the Phorce via Bluetooth and then you can use the app to check on its remaining battery life. If your phone gets too far away from the Phorce, the app will notify you of that too. The bag itself looks mostly like a messenger bag, but they say that it can convert to a backpack or briefcase too. It’s made with a water-resistant outer shell and tech-friendly inner lining.

The people at Phorce have set a goal of $150,000 on the Kickstarter page with a deadline of December 22. Pledge a minimum of $199 for the early bird special to get the Phorce for USB in the color of your choice ($349 retail). When the early bird runs out, you can get the same deal for a minimum $219 pledge.