Macintosh Portable running OSX, Well Sort Of

Macintosh Portable running OSX, Well Sort Of


At Mobile Magazine we are dedicated to reporting on some of the latest and greatest portable devices around. Still, sometimes it is nice to go retro as well. That’s what makes this new Macintosh Portable hack so interesting. On the outside, you have what appears to be an ordinary Mac Portable, but inside you have the guts of a Toshiba NB100 netbook running on a modified version of Mac OS X. This unique project is the hard work of Patrick Blampied, the hacker/modder behind the site

While turning netbooks into “hackintoshes” is nothing new, throwing the innards of that netbook into an old Mac portable case is pretty epic. This kind of hack requires a ton of soldering, not to mention the steps need to make OS X work with non-Mac computers. Unlike the original Mac Portable, this thing runs on battery power that makes a truly mobile experience— though I’m sure the case is still pretty heavy.

Check out the video and take a look:

What do you think, impressed by this hack? I know I am.

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