Video: KOULE Smart Ball with Autism-Specific Applications

Video: KOULE Smart Ball with Autism-Specific Applications


Many different techniques, strategies and products have come to market that are aimed at helping children with autism and they have been met with varying levels of success. The greatest challenge is simply helping these children break out of their shells, so to speak, and the KOULE smart ball comes with autism-specific applications to do exactly that.

The KOULE, at least in prototype form, looks a lot like a high-tech hamster ball. Inside that plastic sphere are a number of gadgets and gizmos, including lights, sounds, and touch sensors, as well as the ability for autonomous movement. The KOULE has been pre-loaded with a series of games that can help with child development, including active play, learning through play, and encouraging group play. For those with autism, the KOULE is specifically designed to help here as well thanks to its autism-specific applications.

In the video below, President & CEO of Que Innovations Dr. Tamie Salter explains several of the key features of KOULE, like how you can load your own applications and how the KOULE can adapt and grow with your child.

Head over to the Indiegogo page (it’s like Kickstarter) for more information and to contribute to the funding campaign. They’re looking for $200,000 by December 25. A minimum contribution of $499 will get you a special first edition KOULE with estimated delivery by December 2013.