Samsung Nexus 10 Clockwork Recovery Mod Available Already

Samsung Nexus 10 Clockwork Recovery Mod Available Already

Samsung Galaxy nexus 10

Samsung Nexus 10

Over at the XDA Developers forum, progress has already been made towards a full port of the Clockwork Recovery Mod for the Samsung Nexus 10. Rather quick work, considering the Nexus 10 was just released for ordering on November 13th.

The Recovery Mod comes in two different flavors, a touchscreen operable version and a hardware control version. Keep in mind that there aren’t any actual differences with the software itself, just the way you navigate through the Nexus 10 Clockwork Recovery Mod.

Before you rush out and grab this recovery mod, keep in mind that its creator makes it clear that there has been through limited testing so far. Since few units have actually made their way into customer hands yet, the mod needs willing testers to ensure it actually works as it should. In other words, Shrimp208 cautions you to proceed at your own risk. For more information about using the Clockwork Recovery Mod and the testing that is needed, head over at the XDA Developers forums.