Nokia Lumia 920 has Fastest Smartphone Display on the Market

Nokia Lumia 920 has Fastest Smartphone Display on the Market

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 seems to be a much-needed win for Microsoft and Nokia in the smartphone world. So far, the device appear to be in reasonably high demand and has already jumped to the top of Amazon’s AT&T best seller list. While there are quite a few unique reasons to consider the Lumia 920, did you know the 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ screen is actually the fastest smartphone screen on the market?

According to Nokia’s Senior Technology Manager, Jussi Ropo, rendering needs to happen at a stable 60fps in order to get rid of jaggedness in moving content. It’s also important to consider how fast an LCD can change from one color to another. In Ropo’s own words:

“First, when you measure 60fps it means 16.7ms – you have a new image coming every 16.7ms on the display. It is intuitive to think that when your LCD response or transition time is longer than this one frame period then you will actually get quite a lot of blur. This is because your liquid crystal is still trying to get the previous value at the same time as it has to start turning again for the next frame.”

In order to provide a faster, crisper and less blurry screen experience, Nokia boosted the voltage for each LCD pixel, dropping the response time down from the usual 16.7ms to an impressive 9ms. According to Nokia, the complete transition speeds are around 23ms.

I’ve yet to have the privilege to see the new Nokia Lumia 920 in person, but I can imagine the end result is a sharp and impressive looking display. Any Lumia 920 owners out there, what do you think of the display? Is it as good as Nokia claims it is or can you not tell the difference when compared to your previous smartphone?

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