Harman JBL lightning speakers ready for pre-order, starting at $100

Harman JBL lightning speakers ready for pre-order, starting at $100


Harman JBL

Have a new iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone 5? Ready to ditch those older 30-pin speaker docks in favor of something based on the new lightning standard? Harman JBL OnBeat lightning speaker docks might be exactly what you are looking for.

There are actually two different versions, one is smaller and is called the OnBeat Micro. This is designed for use with the iPod and iPhone, though it does have a USB port for connecting devices that aren’t based on lightning. It also has a 3.5mm stereo input. The device itself is just .8-poudns and has two full-range transducers. Best of all, it’s pretty affordable at just $100.

Looking for something a bit bigger that you can use with the iPhone as well as your Mini or full-size iPad? Look no further than the OnBeat Venue LT. This thing has two tweets, 30 watts amp, two full-range transducers, video out for your TV and adjustable EQ settings. This model has quite a bit of extra features but also doubles the price at $200.

Interested in one of these Harman JBL speaker docks? Both are available now for pre-order and the OnBeat Micro will be in-store at Apple and other major retailers by Black Friday. For now, the Venue LT doesn’t have an official target for in-store sales.

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