Google Unveils Unique Augmented Reality Android Game, Ingress

Google Unveils Unique Augmented Reality Android Game, Ingress


The Google-owned Niantic Project has managed to create quite a fair amount of hype around it’s hushed-up activities, but the company has now spilled the bean. The fruit of the Niantic Project’s labors is a new game by the name of Ingress, which has now arrived as a beta on the Google Play store.

Ingress is an augmented reality game that uses a smartphone’s GPS to create an alternate version of the real world where players fight for territory against opposing factions. There have been quite a few GPS games released on mobile markets, but none have been too particularly successful. Will Ingress stand a chance with Google’s backing? It certainly sounds like a successful concept.

The game uses complex capturing systems that allow players to capture nearby building and areas located by using your GPS. Players can work together to capture a bundle of close-by areas to expand their faction territory, or fight to gain other factions’ territories. Ingress will probably be very player-involving in popular cities, but in less-populated areas the game could prove to be very unsuccessful. Playing with thousands of players at once could become a possibility, but you might find yourself alone in less populated areas.

Ingress is currently an invite-only beta application, but as soon as we get access to the game we will take an in-depth review into Google’s world of Ingress.

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