ZAGGkeys FLEX tablet keyboard and Stand Works with All Your iOS and...

ZAGGkeys FLEX tablet keyboard and Stand Works with All Your iOS and Android Devices


The problem with many tablet/phone keyboard and stand combos is that they are generally for only one platform. This is great if you tend to stick with the same ecosystem no matter what, but what if you are platform agnostic and like owning multiple devices from various ecosystems. More than likely, you’ll be stuck buying multiple keyboard/stand units, right? Nope, not if you get a ZAGGkeys FLEX tablet keyboard.

This keyboard and stand can prop your iPad or Android tablet up in a way that sort of looks similar to the Microsoft Surface, but again it doesn’t matter what OS you are running. While the dock is designed for larger tablets, the keyboard will work with the iPhone and Android as well. While the keyboard doesn’t specifically mention other platforms like Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT and Blackberry, it’s possible it will work with those too. No guarantees on that, though.

The keyboard runs on a rechargeable battery and can charge via a computer or wall outlet. The keyboard lasts up to a few weeks on a single charge, so claims ZAGGkeys. How much does it cost? Just $69.99. Anyone tried one of these out yet? How well does it perform?

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