Video: iPhone 5 Scrolling Glitch

Video: iPhone 5 Scrolling Glitch


The iPhone 5’s recent release has not been smooth, with problems with the new maps, and other issues regarding the new iOS 6 such as WiFi connectivity problems, a lot of owners have been severely disappointed with their new Apple device.

Another small setback within the iPhone 5’s growth is a newly discovered issue with the iPhone 5’s touch screen. The touch display, which uses in-cell screen technology to fix the glass to the touch area, has had a big hiccup after CMA Megacorp, a games developer based in the UK, located an issue where the new 4.0 inch display starts freezing up when the user diagonally swipes the screen at a fast speed.

Although for most this won’t be an issue, and maybe not even noticeable, but for developers who need to rely on the iPhone’s quick responses to develop fast action games like fruit ninja or a first person shooter game, it may become more of an issue.

Recombu, the first to report this issue after CMA Megacorp, has done a few tests to better understand the issue, and it has been shown to happen consistently with iPhone 5s running both iOS 6 and iOS 6.01. As no hardware or software experts have taken a closer look, for now the issue lays unsolved.

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