Video Tube iPhone App Review

Video Tube iPhone App Review


If you miss the old YouTube app on your iPhone, the Video Tube app may be just what you are looking for. Video Tube allows you to watch YouTube videos with an interface that is similar to the original iOS YouTube app. Though similar, Video Tube has a few extra features that may be of interest, but it also falls short in some important places.

When you open Video Tube you are presented with the “Features” on YouTube. Other tabs, “Popular,” “Downloads,” “History,” and “Search” are available. The “Search” function is simplified and has no auto-complete capability. The “History” tab shows your recently opened videos.

Once you open a video one of two things can happen, you are prompted to play the video and it changes to fullscreen mode, or the video begins to play automatically in smaller form. There is no consistency or a way to tell what the app is going to do. If it is a video that can only play in fullscreen mode, you cannot view the video and read the info/comments simultaneously. While the video is in smaller form (whether playing or paused) you can view the video “Info,” “Related” videos, “More from” the use, and “Comments.” Unfortunately, you cannot log in to YouTube to rate videos or leave your own comments.

At the top of the screen you have options to share the video by sending a link via email, sharing on Facebook, or sharing on Twitter. Also, you have another option to to download the video to your phone. Some videos are not available for download and you will get a message on screen that states that you do not have permission to download the video from YouTube.

Video Tube has ads at the bottom of app at all times, and they can become very intrusive when you are trying to read the video info or comments. A premium version of the app is available for $2.99 to remove the apps.


  • “History” tab that allows you to reopen your recently viewed videos quickly.
  • You will like it if you prefer the original iOS YouTube app interface.
  • Option to download videos.
  • High quality videos and sound.


  • Large ads at the bottom of the viewing screen that makes reading info and comments more difficult.
  • Cannot log in to YouTube to rate and leave comments.
  • Issues with enlarging videos. If a video can play while viewing the info and comments, then you must tap the enlarge button to watch the video fullscreen; you are not able to turn your phone to enlarge the video. On the flip side, some videos you cannot watch in smaller form, you can only watch in fullscreen.

Video Tube has a lot of useful features and great potential to rival the new Google YouTube app, but the cons are too large to ignore. It does not seem worth purchasing just to remove ads, when you still cannot log in to your YouTube account. Video Tube may never have that functionality, however. Since it is not the official YouTube app, the restrictions on what the developer can do may be holding Video Tube back.

Download and try Video Tube for yourself here.