Cheap and Easy Follow Focus with FocusMaker for DSLRs

Cheap and Easy Follow Focus with FocusMaker for DSLRs


You know that cool effect in Hollywood movies where they shift the focus from something in the foreground to something in the background (or vice versa)? Trying to achieve that on your own can be quite the challenge, because autofocus doesn’t give you adequate control and regular manual focus can be finicky to do on the fly.

If you want an easier way to achieve that follow focus effect, you’ll probably want to have a look at this FocusMaker rig. It’s so brilliant in its simplicity. Basically, it’s a giant halo ring that latches onto the manual focus ring on your DSLR lens. There’s a big handle on the outside to give you greater precision and control, and then you can put little markers for your set focus points.

What this means is that when you are actually shooting your video, you can quickly (or slowly and smoothly) jump between the focus points that you’ve already set. Those focus markers can be active or passive. The active mode gets them to protrude, stopping the sight when they hit, whereas passive mode allows for free motion.

More information can be found on It retails online for $90.