Get Android 4.2 Core Apps on your Android 4.1 Device

Get Android 4.2 Core Apps on your Android 4.1 Device


Interested in getting your hands on Android 4.2 and the many new core apps that come with it? While it might be a while before the next version of Android comes to your particular device, you don’t have to wait for those core apps any longer— if you own a device running Android 4.1.

A new Nexus 4 system dump has been extracted and picked through by an XDA Dev member, Droid Hack. Now all of the core Android 4.2 apps and latest Google Apps are ready and prepped for installation on ANY Android 4.1 device.

The apps package includes updated versions of Camera, Desk Clock, Chrome, Maps, Street View, Gmail, Play Store, Google Talk, Google Music and all other core/system apps from Android 4.2. All additional libraries needed to make the apps run are also included in the package.

Interested? You can find the original thread and updated apps here. The only bad news is that most of us aren’t lucky enough to have Android 4.1 and are still rocking ICS– or even Gingerbread in some cases.

Anyone tried this XDA package out yet? What do you think?

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