iPod Touch 4th gen “Refurbished” Model now Selling for Only $129

iPod Touch 4th gen “Refurbished” Model now Selling for Only $129


While most of us these days have smartphones that make the idea of a portable media player irrelevant, some consumers like to keep their phone and music/video experiences separately. Some of us also have company phones that they don’t want to do browsing from, or simply have kids that could benefit from a media player that can also browse the net and use apps.

This is probably why the iPod Touch continues to sell relatively well. If you are considering an iPod Touch this holiday season, you’ll want to know that Apple is now offering the iPod Touch 8GB with Retina display as refurb for only $129.

At this price point the iPod Touch is an absolute steal. The iPod Touch with Retina display still has that same 1-year warranty you’d get with a new unit and comes in Black and White color choices. Check out Apple’s site for more information about this excellent deal. Keep in mind that this isn’t the latest generation, but it’s still a great value that could make an excellent gift for the holidays.

Via: Apple