Windows Store continues solid growth, Windows 8 and RT now have 13000...

Windows Store continues solid growth, Windows 8 and RT now have 13000 apps


While Windows RT and Windows 8 introduce a major push forward for Windows tablets, they still have some hurdles to overcome Microsoft wants to win over more consumers. One of these hurdles is apps. The good news is that Microsoft seems to be growing their Windows Store app library very quickly.

The Apple AppStore and Google Play might have over 500,000 apps, not all of these apps are meant for big screen viewing. Some of these apps are meant for the iPhone or Android smartphones and don’t look as good on a tablet. That said, all Microsoft Windows Store apps are optimized for tablets.

How many apps are there? Nearly 13,000 now. Sure, that’s still a great deal less than the tablet optimized apps you’ll find on the iPad and even Android devices— but that’s also a pretty big jump for an operating system that has just launched.

If Microsoft can keep the ball rolling at this same pace, around 350 apps a day, it is very likely that the Windows Store will reach 20,000 apps by the month’s end. This is certainly a pretty good start, though they obviously have a long ways to go before they catch up. What do you think of Windows 8 and the new Windows Store? Impressed or not?

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