Fear the Salad making Robot

Fear the Salad making Robot


There’s only one thing more worrying than a robot wielding a knife, and that is a robot wielding a knife that it knows how to use it. However in this instance, CIROS, a unit suitably fit for the kitchen, robot knife skills may be more helpful than we may have thought before.

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology have designed CIROS to help around the house and handle everyday tasks such as making a salad, creating a cup of tea or scrubbing the dishes.

By using complicated algorithms to identify objects it may come across in its environment, the Korean institute hope that CIROS will be fully capable of making himself useful around the house as his own free will.

At its current state, CIROS seems awfully slow, and you may be better off cutting your cucumber and lettuce yourself, even if you’re feeling extra lazy that day. However, CIROS is definitely an interesting step in robotic technology, I’m just not sure if giving a robot a knife will ever be a smart thing to do.

Watch CIROS in action below:

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