Windows Live Messenger Being Retired in Favor of Skype?

Windows Live Messenger Being Retired in Favor of Skype?


Do you still regularly utilize Windows Live Messenger? You might want to consider moving to Skype now. It seems that Microsoft is planning to retire WLM very soon, according to sources close to the Redmon-based company.

With Skype having many more advanced features (including land-line calling abilities) and better brand recognition, this isn’t that surprising. Windows Live Messenger just isn’t necessary for Microsoft going forward. Recently Skype added on to its list of supported log-in methods by allowing Microsoft and Facebook account users to log-in without needing a traditional Skype ID.

What about your existing WLM ID? More than likely you will still be able to use it directly from Skype on your mobile and desktop/laptop devices without a problem. With Windows Phone 8 using the same core as Windows 8 (NT) and Xbox 360 getting a makeover that makes it look similar to Windows devices, it isn’t surprising to see that Microsoft is continuing to combine its software and services wherever it can.

Does anyone reading this still use Windows Live Messenger or do you prefer another chat client, perhaps Skype?

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