Microsoft Surface Doesn’t Really Give You 32GB, Only 16GB of Space is...

Microsoft Surface Doesn’t Really Give You 32GB, Only 16GB of Space is Actually Free

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

With the Microsoft Surface you pay the same $499 as the iPad but you get double the storage space thanks to its 32GB drive— or do you? It turns out that the 32GB advertised isn’t really 32GB, it’s more like 16. What gives? Windows RT is essentially a desktop OS at its heart, and that means it takes up the rest of the drive.

While the Surface has many other redeeming qualities to it, there has been a false belief that the base Surface had more storage than the iPad. With the system partition taking up about half the drive, this just isn’t true. For those that are wondering, iOS typically takes around 1.5GB or so for the system partition— so yes, RT is certainly a much bigger file.

Is this a deal breaker? Maybe, maybe not. While onboard storage is generally faster, it is worth noting that the Surface still has some big stuff going for it like a quad-core processor and the existence of microSD for expanding the internal storage. A full-size USB port is also a major plus since you can hook up external HDDs and other components/accessories. Still, this shows one big flaw in trying to use a desktop OS on a mobile device, there just is a lot more bloat in a traditional desktop OS like Windows. If you were considering getting the Microsoft Surface does the revelation that you really aren’t getting as much space as you thought make any difference to you?

Source – Microsoft