iPhone 5 Clone for $200

iPhone 5 Clone for $200


The iPhone has been the center piece for many Chinese knockoffs over the past few years, but as the Chinese smartphone market has evolved, most of the poor-build products have been left behind. These days we are instead greeted with cheap but durable, reasonably spec’d devices.

The ZoPhone i5 is a perfect example of  a reasonably decent Android device designed to look and feel like the iPhone. For $200 you can get your hands on what looks like an iPhone, but at the heart is something completely different. The ZoPhone might look the same with its 4-inch 1,136 x 640 resolution display, but Android powers the device and the hardware is quite a bit different. The ZoPhone i5 sports a dual-core Mediatek MTK 6577 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, as well as 4GB internal storage, 1GB RAM, and a rear-facing 8MP camera.

Until recently, the iPhone clones haven’t been a huge issue for Apple, but many more products are receiving more support, mainly because of their ability to use Android as a stable alternative operating system. Companies such as Goophone are prepared to have their own patent war with the real iPhone maker although, unlike the Samsung-Apple war, they’ll probably be kept quiet.

For $200 (around £125), the ZoPhone has quite impressive specs, but unless you’re willing to pay for international shipping, this product, along with many others, will be strictly only for sale in China.