National Geographic Magazine App Review

National Geographic Magazine App Review


National Geographic Magazine
is world renowned for its beautiful photography and in-depth stories on wildlife, culture, history, the Earth and even the universe. It is a magazine that you may be a subscriber to or at least have seen during a doctor’s visit. National Geographic Magazine gives people insight into worlds they have never and may never see.

The new National Geographic Magazine starts with a small tutorial on how to navigate the app. While it may seem silly, because you can figure out how to use it on your own, it’s very helpful and saves you time trying to learn it on your own. Once you are ready to read, you are brought to the Table of Contents where you can choose a story to read or just start swiping through the pages. If you ever want to go back to the Table of Contents, simply tap the yellow box at the top of the screen.

With each large story you have additional features, such as audio and/or video files to accompany it. Sharing options also appear with each story so you can share via social media what you are reading. Every image gallery with each story, in addition to the videos, Table of Contents and extra user features, are in high resolution. National Geographic Magazine makes the most out of iOS.


  • Clean, simple navigation. Users should have no issues finding what they need in the app. Even reading a single story is well maintained; it is broken into sections and scrolling stops at each section to ensure you do not miss a word.
  • No charge for the magazines if you subscribe to the print version of National Geographic Magazine. It is a great opportunity for subscribers to enjoy the perks and extras that come with the iOS app.
  • Promises of daily updates for users. This includes user content such as Instagram pictures and National Geographic staff picks of National Geographic products and events.


  • Even with the inception of the Newstand on iOS last year, there seems to be some confusion over how it works (free app and purchase single magazines or subscribe in app) which is deceiving to the consumer. A better way to communicate the pricing and in-app purchasing to the consumer needs to exist.
  • The app does not yet support the iPhone 5 display. Most apps are still adjusting to the longer iPhone 5 screen, but National Geographic Magazine seems to be taking a little longer than the rest.

Overall, the National Geographic Magazine app is beautiful to look at, well designed and educational. It has more to offer than the print magazine for roughly the same price. Once it is updated to support the iPhone 5 display it will be a near perfect Newstand app for the daily magazine reader. Stay in-touch with Earth, past, present and future, by reading the National Geographic Magazine on your iOS device.

Download and start reading the National Geographic Magazine here.