The $4500 Titanium Gresso Symbian phone no one will ever buy

The $4500 Titanium Gresso Symbian phone no one will ever buy


When it comes to premium handsets, it may be all about iPhones and Androids these days, but every now and then there’s a product that pops up with a ridiculous price-tag usually made of a precious material like gold or diamond, but here, Gresso have manufactured a phone made of titanium. The phone runs on Symbian S40 and has a simple bar shape that we would have seen on mobiles maybe 5 to 10 years ago, and the innards are of a similar standard. The Gresso has a measly 30MB internal storage and an expandable micro SD slot for an extra 2GB, an FM radio, Bluetooth capability, media playback and a 2 Megapixel camera.

If you showed this phone to your friends or collegues, they’d probably smirk and snigger at first, but it’s the ultra-sturdy build of the phone that makes it a huge $4,500.

The titanium Gresso is strong enough to withstand a heavy battering, can be stood on and will be resistant to corrosion, moisture and sunlight. Gresso have done a good job at creating a super scratch-proof phone that weighs at only 130 grams, which is only slightly heavier than the iPhone 5, and lighter than the Galaxy S3.

There is only a limited supply of these handsets, which isn’t surprising as the new Gresso Regal seems like a phone that would be bought by those with more sense than money.

Would you purchase the titanium Gresso Regal if you were rich and wealthy? I think I’d prefer the £18k diamond beveled iPhone 4S.