Google Wallet Physical Card in the Works?

Google Wallet Physical Card in the Works?


Google Wallet is a very useful and capable virtual payment system, but it seems that Google isn’t stopping there. New details have leaked out suggesting that a Google has a physical Google Wallet Card in the works as well.

Basically the Google Wallet card is going to work like a regular credit or debit card for purchases. How will you load money onto it? We don’t know all the details yet, but considering its connection to the “Google Wallet” brand, it might link to your Google Wallet’s enable device’s funds. In other words, it draws from the cards and information linked to your Google Wallet account. Keep in mind, that is just speculation but it seems to make sense.

As we learn more details about how this card would work, we’ll let our readers know. For now, the information we have tells us very little other than Google clearly has further plans for its payment system and wallet features going forward. If you could have one card that essentially is linked to all your payment methods, would that appeal to you?

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