iRock is the Rocking Chair that charges your iPad

iRock is the Rocking Chair that charges your iPad


You may have been to a science exhibit where they have a stationary bicycle connected to a lightbulb. You pedal harder and the light gets brighter. What if you just want to relax, but you still wanted to generate some electricity? That’s exactly what you do with the iRock Rocking Chair, which is designed to work with the Apple iPad.

The idea here is actually brilliant in its simplicity. As you rock back and forth in the rocking chair, it generates power that is then sent to the iPad docked in the right side arm. The current design uses the 30-pin dock connector, but there’s no reason why this couldn’t be altered to support other devices or possibly even the new Lightning connector for the iPad Mini or iPad 4. They say that an hour of rocking will give back 35% battery capacity to a third-gen iPad.

But the power generated isn’t just for the iPad. Located in the headrest portion are a couple of stereo speakers that can also get the juice generated from your rocking motion. This creates an all-encompassing iExperience for watching movies or listening to music. The iRock is a high quality rocking chair too, handmade from Swedish oak with five layers of paint.

Of course, all this style and power doesn’t come cheap. Micasa Lab of Zurich says that the iRock Rocking Chair will retail for about 1,300 Euro ($1,685 US) when it ships in late 2013.