To Cover Shortage in the Wake of Hurricane, AT&T and T-Mobile temporarily...

To Cover Shortage in the Wake of Hurricane, AT&T and T-Mobile temporarily team up their networks


Ever since Hurricane Sandy struck the New York City and New Jersey area cellular communication has become somewhat of a luxury thanks to the lack of cellular service in the wake of the event. Luckily, AT&T and T-Mobile are temporarily working together to help out.

In a disaster situation like Hurricane Sandy the ability to make emergency calls or let family know you are safe is very important. Thankfully, T-Mobile and AT&T understand that their customers need to have reliable service to make these kind of important calls right now and so they have struck a deal to share their GSM and 3G networks in the area for now without charging roaming fees or any other penalties for their use.

By teaming up, T-Mobile and AT&T should be able to give their customers decent temporary coverage until towers can get repaired and everything is able to return back to normal. When that will be exactly has yet to be announced.

It’s good to see that carriers can put aside their rivalries when big trouble hits like it did in the New York City area and other parts of the coast. Hopefully things settle down quickly enough, but for now it is welcome news for those that have had trouble making calls in the area.

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