Zagg Releases Two New iPad Mini Cases

Zagg Releases Two New iPad Mini Cases


The iPad Mini was basically just announced but keyboard-maker Zagg spared no time in getting two new keyboard cases out to the market. The new cases seem to to turn the iPad Mini into something that is somewhat reminiscent of a Microsoft Surface setup with a keyboard and a kickstand – only in a much smaller form factor.

There are two models of the new keyboard case, the Mini 7 and Mini 9. The Mini 7 is a seven-inch variant that spans the width of the mini, whereas the Mini 9 is a bit longer at 9-inches and offers a wider range of keys and buttons for your typing needs.

Both models are just $90 and will be avaliable for purchase starting November 2nd, the same day as the iPad Mini. Anyone interested in such a keyboard case for the upcoming iDevice? For those that aren’t sure if they even want an iPad Mini versus some of the alternative Android 7-inch devices out there, check out our article on the Mini versus Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD.

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