Apple may exchange your brand new iPad 3 with new 4th-gen model

Apple may exchange your brand new iPad 3 with new 4th-gen model


Just a little over a half year after the release of the iPad 3rd generation model, we already have a successor. The 4th gen iPad doesn’t bring tons of changes to the mix but it does have a faster processor and graphics chip, alongside the new Lightning adapter. So you already bought an iPad 3, what do you do? For some of you, an exchange might be possible.

Normally Apple gives you two weeks as a grace period for returning or trading in devices. This isn’t officially changing at Apple but specific Apple Stores seem to be opening up the policy temporarily to cover 30 days. This is likely in response to the grumbling that is already hitting the net from customers than are more than a little agitated at Apple for such a quick device turn around.

While Apple has traditionally waited about a year for refreshes to its major products, the iPad 4th generation was certainly much less than this, with its predecessor only enjoying the limelight for about seven months.

Before bringing your 29 ½ day old iPad back to the store nearest you, it is probably better to call first. The extended return may or may not be in place at your store. If you complain enough to the Apple representatives at the store, it is also possible they might work with you just to shut you up.

For those that have a several month old 3rd-gen iPad? Unfortunately, your only real option for getting into the new one is to attempt to sell your iPad and pay the difference that it takes to move to the newest model.

Any iPad 3rd generation users out there? What do you think of this quick turn around?

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