Griffin releases two Moto RC Devices that run via your iOS Device

Griffin releases two Moto RC Devices that run via your iOS Device


When it comes to getting an RC car at a cheap price, you are generally out of luck. Between the cars and the remote controls, you often find yourself easily spending $100 or more on such devices. If you are looking to save some money, Griffin makes some low-cost RC devices that communicate with your existing iOS device instead of using a traditional controller.

There are two models and both work with iPhone and iPad devices. The base model is the Moto TC Racer. The TC Racer is designed to look like a racing dune buggy and works with the accompanying iOS app. Unlike the more expensive TC Monster, this uses an RF sensor plugged into your headphone jack, which isn’t as reliable or far-reaching. Still, it is really hard to complain when you factor in that this only costs $29.99 but it won’t hit stores until mid-November.

You’ll want the Moto TC Monster if you’d rather have premium features like Bluetooth control and autopilot features. Really, this is still pretty cheap at just $59.99 and is available right now. With this model you can even set a predetermined path and it will go there without further interaction or control on your part.

Both devices give you two different controller schemes. The first allows you tilt left or right just like you are using a real steering wheel (well, sort of). The second method has a virtual steering wheel on the devices screen that you move around by sliding your fingers on the screen. What do you think, sound like something you’d be interested in this holiday season? Hit up the Griffin’s website for more information.

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