iPad Mini May Start at $329 for Base Model

iPad Mini May Start at $329 for Base Model


How much would you be willing to pay for the upcoming iPad Mini? Apple is hoping you’ll say $329.

According to 9to5 Mac, they have new information regarding expected pricing. Keep in mind it is from an unnamed source, so take this all with a grain of salt. Supposedly, there will be three Wi-Fi only models with different storage configurations going up as high as $529. 4G variants could cost anywhere from $459 to $659 depending on how much storage is included.

With $329 pricing, the iPad Mini might still be considered a bit too pricey for some consumers.

What about the hardware? It sounds like the internals will be pretty close to what we currently get with the iPad 2, only in smaller form. Considering Apple marketing and popular demand, the iPad Mini will likely fly off the shelf even if there are competitors like the Nexus 7 at lower prices. This is even more true for those that already have bought quite a large collection of music, apps and movies through the Apple ecosystem.

You have to wonder with these price ranges if there is room from the iPad 2 once the 7-inch iPad arrives. At least one analyst seems to say, “no there isn’t“. It is more than possible that the iPad 2 will be phased out after this holiday season.

Below is a chart that has a price matrix that explains the expected ranges a little better. So what do you think, fair pricing or not? Do you think Apple will really start pricing at $329 or do you expect a more budget-friendly price for the base model?

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