Wired Android Puzzle Game Review

Wired Android Puzzle Game Review


Casual Puzzle games are a great way to relax, and being able to play appealing games straight from our phone adds plenty more opportunities to play relaxing content in a comfortable chair or sofa,  Wired is a testament to chilling out while playing a puzzle arcade game.

Gameplay and Controls

Wired is a game that requires you to untangle neon wires by dragging different points in the mess of tangles to create a group of wires that do not overlap each other. It sounds a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite simple.

There are various star points which anchor down the neon lines. You can move the star points to change the orientation of the lines. It starts off pretty simple, and only requires you to make one or two moves, but it does slowly become a lot harder later on in the game.

If a level is starting to become tricky, you can use powerups to aid your progress. The current powerups include a bomb that destroys one of the star anchors, in turn cleaning up a lot of space, a timer freeze that stops the clock from running, and a fast forward button that completes the level for you.

The powerups definitely give you an edge to the game, but even without them, Wired is very accessible for almost anyone, and it’s easy to complete levels. Like mentioned above, there is a timer, if it reaches zero you can still continue to play, and the time you complete it in only affects the amount of stars you earn in-game.

Each star will give you 10 coins to spend on more powerups or shortcuts to more difficult levels, which I’m really pleased about because the coins can be spent on things to cater for all audiences. If you want a fun, easy-to-play game, upgrades are always in reach, and if you want a bit of a brain teaser, you can always skip past the starter levels.

If you’re into challenging puzzle games, Wired may be a bit of a disappointment at first, as the game always offers easy alternatives to completing the levels which are too tempting to ignore when trying to aim for a 3-star rating, and it takes quite a while before the levels start to become challenging, and a lot of them feel very similar. However, there are literally hundreds of levels, and I’d be surprised if I managed to get through them all regardless of difficulty.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics in Wired are simple yet appealing; they’re very colorful but still easy on the eye. The backtrack and user interface sounds are very calm too, and overall it’s a very relaxing experience.



  • Relaxing graphics and audio
  • Game is easy to pick up
  • In-app purchases are incredibly cheap
  • Powerups add new ways to play


  • It takes far too long for levels to develop
  • You may feel powerups are over-powered


Download Wired on Google Play.