Daily Deal: $300 Off Fujifilm X100 12.3 MP APS-C Digital Camera Kit

Daily Deal: $300 Off Fujifilm X100 12.3 MP APS-C Digital Camera Kit


There is just something classic and beautiful about the retro-inspired Fuji X100. And it’s even better when you can grab this fantastic camera for an impressive $300 off the regular price.

Remember, the Fujifilm X100 comes as a limited edition kit with each package coming with a special message card indicating that you have one of only 10,000 units produced. The kit itself includes the 12.3MP APC-C CMOS EXR Fujifilm X100 digital camera itself, as well as a genuine leather case, a lens hood, an adapter ring and a protective filter. This is not an interchangeable lens camera, so you are stuck with the fixed 23mm Fujinon lens with a widest aperture of F/2.0. The built-in ND filter can be turned on or off, giving you an equivalent f-stop reduction of three.

In addition to the retro-inspired styling, one of the other unique features is the hybrid viewfinder. This gives you a “bright frame” optical viewfinder, which would be closer to the classic cameras of old (and current DSLRs), but there’s also the electronic viewfinder system. And yes, it can shoot 720p HD movies too.

Pick up the Fujifilm X100 for $1,399.95 on Amazon.com, including free super saver shipping.