Halloween iPhone 5 Case by Speck is Spooky

Halloween iPhone 5 Case by Speck is Spooky


The iPhone 5 might be a gorgeous smartphone but it has a pretty big flaw: its casing material attracts scratches and scuffs rather easily. While it seems like a shame to hide your phone away in a case, there are some pretty cool choices out there that can still make the iPhone 5 stand out in the crowd. One of these is the new Speck limited edition Halloween case.

Just in time for the candy-filled holiday, the Speck Halloween case aren’t scary or spooky, but they have a simple design with a few of the traditional blanket-style ghosts on it. The case could probably best be described as festive and “cute”. Of course buying a case just for a holiday that comes and goes quickly might not be for everyone, but they aren’t all that pricey either– at $35 each.

The Speck’s website carries the case in a version for the iPhone 5 or one for the 4 and 4S. What do you think, interested or not?

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