HiLO Lens for iPhone Allow for Angled Shots

HiLO Lens for iPhone Allow for Angled Shots


A new Kickstarter project aims to make taking pictures from various angles easier than ever with the iPhone 5. The HiLo Lens attaches onto your existing iPhone camera and gives it a 90 degree angle for shots.

This might not be that useful for everyone, but it does have some possible uses. Imagine taking discrete shots of people or things beside you without it being all that noticeable. After all, those passing by might just think you are on your phone. The HiLo Lens uses an adhesive tap from 3M and is designed for easy removal and reuse without leaving any kind of residue or stickiness on your iPhone. The lens is designed for the older iPhone 4 and 4S, but they are also in the process of making a version for users of the new iPhone 5.

For a $60 pledge at Kickstarter you will receive a HiLens when they eventually start shipping. Again, this isn’t going to be all that useful for some people, but it is still kind of cool and isn’t that terribly expensive either.

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