iPhone 5 Scuffing and Denting Problems Causing Shipping Delays?

iPhone 5 Scuffing and Denting Problems Causing Shipping Delays?


Heading over to Apple’s website, you will find that the average arrival time for the iPhone 5 is now estimated at 3-4 weeks. Why so long? The obvious reason is that they sold like hotcakes and that Apple is having trouble coming up with enough shipments. A new report suggests an alternative, though. The problem has to do with the aluminum casing and the scratching problems that have been reported.

For those that don’t know, many reports have come in about phones arriving with huge scratches, scuffs and even dents. The new material is the culprit. So what is the delay all about? Apple is pressuring manufacturers to up the quality on case-making process, hoping that the result will be an iPhone 5 that is able to resist the damage at least a little bit better.

Waiting a month might seem like a major inconvenience. Think of it this way though: What is more inconvenient, waiting a month for a phone that (hopefully) won’t scratch so easily or having to return your phone and wait for the replacement thanks to the scuffs and dents it is arriving with? Regardless, it is probably best to put a case on your new iPhone 5.This is really sad news in a way. Part of the appeal of the iPhone 5 is its gorgeous design. Buying it to only cover it up in an ugly case just doesn’t seem right. What do you think?

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