Modbook Pro: The $3500 Pen-based OS X Tablet that ships in November

Modbook Pro: The $3500 Pen-based OS X Tablet that ships in November


If you flash back to 2007, you may remember the release of the ModBook, a Mac PC tablet by Axiatron of which by today’s standards looks much too chunky to even think of holding.

Since its announcement, there have been rumors of a new ModBook hitting the market, and today, after a years’ worth of hushed up speculation, the ModBook Pro is available for sale.

The ModBook is essentially a tablet running Mountain Lion. Before you think that it’s a new attempt by Apple to regain control of the current tablet market, think again, this piece of equipment is going to set a standard of its own.

The 13.3 inch tablet will include some impressive specs in comparison to the iPad. The base model will be powered by a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5, and 64GB full SSD storage.  512 pressure level display. The base price will be a staggering $3,499, whilst the most expensive at $4,819, will include a 2.9 Core i7, 16GB RAM, and a huge 480GB SSD.

This is probably a great step for Mac users, allowing them to customize the hardware they use their operating system on in a way that they see fit, and ModBook will even include an optional Windows 7 software installation.

The ModBook can be purchased from the new website by ModBook Inc. where you’ll be able to choose different priced components to be placed into the new tablet.  They are asking for $500 deposit, and will ship it to you on November 16, 2012.

Obviously it doesn’t come cheap, and it’s likely Microsoft will follow up shortly with their own Windows 8 comparisons. Would you be willing to pay $3-$4,000 on a Apple tablet? How much would you be willing to spend?