Nissan’s NSC-2015 Can Park Itself, Driver Totally Optional

Nissan’s NSC-2015 Can Park Itself, Driver Totally Optional


The notion of a self-driving car is nothing new. It’s a notion that being actively pioneered by Google, but they aren’t alone. The NSC-2015 is a concept car from Nissan that is essentially a Nissan Leaf with the ability to drive itself around.

The car is currently being shown off at the CEATEC 2012 Smart Mobility Zero exhibit and has a small stretch of concrete where it drives itself around the floor- slowly. The device utilizes a series of sensors that allow it to navigate without a driver. Unlike Google’s more ambitious driving car, this isn’t about creating a full driveless experience.

The NSC-2015’s primary function is to give you a virtual vallet. Get out of your car in front the grocery store and it will go find itself a parking spot. Use your smartphone app to track it and call it back when you are done. Simple as that- in theory. Legalities require a driver to be behind the wheel when a car is driving, in most states at least. Still, this is a cool concept that has a lot of potential.

It’s hard to say if it will ever make it into an actual Nissan vehicle or if it is doomed to be nothing more than a concept. Who knows maybe lobbyist for the vallet’s right to employment might bury this from ever happening. What do you think? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a self-parking car?


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