Live TV for UK: FilmOnX for Android

Live TV for UK: FilmOnX for Android



If you’re in the UK and are looking for an all-in-one freeview experience for your Android, FilmOnX provides all the popular channels straight to your device with no sign-up fees and no other equipment. There are premium options to unlock more channels, but the bulk of the TV features are offered for free.

Layout and Functionality

It’s really not hard to navigate through FilmOnX; you’ll get an interactive list of scrollable channels on the left, and a viewable stream of the selected channel taking two thirds of the screen on the right.

If you tap the viewing screen, touch controls will pop up in charge of switching to full screen, or pausing the streaming content, and turning the volume up and down. The full screen mode gives you a larger viewing space by removing the clutter on the left, which will take you into a widescreen view.

The screen plays decent video and audio quality, and the only aspects that make it inferior to watching from a regular television is the small screen and FilmOn’s logo which has been watermarked onto the screen in the top right corner.

The volume control isn’t exactly necessary along with the physical controls on your device, but it does give you a little bit more precision over the volume playing from the app itself. The pause function allows you to stop the current program playing, but when played again, it will catch up with live TV instead of playing from where it was paused from, making the control a useless gimmick.

It’s also very easy to navigate through channels and they have been separated off into different categories to help viewing ability. Although you cannot quick jump to different categories, they have been clearly marked and are easy to define.

Streaming and Recording

You have the ability to stream either high or low quality, helpful for those with varying web connections. The lowest quality on FilmOnX is pixelated and grainy, whereas the higher quality is of a much greater definition. It’s a shame there isn’t any way to choose anything between high or low quality.


With FilmOn you can purchase premium packs which include a few different channels. The average price is around £5 a month, but unless there’s something that really catches your eye, it’s not really necessary. There are also streaming packs offering different lengths of recording time, allowing you to record programs to watch at a later date. The premium features do add a few functionalities, but you’re not going to miss out on any casual viewing without paying. It’s also important to note that if you use this app it will count as watching live TV, which means you will need an up-to-date TV license.



  • Easy to use interface
  • Many freeview channels available
  • Up to date TV guides
  • No extra costs or equipment needed


  • Recording features and premium channels cost
  • Streaming is usually fine, but does have occasional hiccups
  • No ‘Jump to’ categories or favorites section

Download FlimOnX here.