iPad Mini Image Leak Suggests it will have Mobile Broadband

iPad Mini Image Leak Suggests it will have Mobile Broadband


The iPad Mini this, the iPad Mini that. I’m sure everyone is more than eager just to see this thing get released so we can stop hearing about it everyday- hopefully we might soon get our wish. A new leak shows pictures of the 7.85-inch Apple tablet and gives us a few new details.

The tablet looks like it will have nano-SIM technology, which could means mobile broadband options will exist for the mini tablet. It also will have an anodized aluminum just like the iPhone 5. Whether you consider that a good or bad thing will be up to you.

Like we’ve been hearing for a while, the new tablet is more like an iPhone Jumbo than an iPad Mini when it comes to form factor. This means it has a smaller bezel and design cues that follow the iPhone more than the new iPad. As for specs? We don’t know anything official (heck, we still don’t even know if this product really exists), but many leaks and tips seem to point to specs that are very similar to the existing iPad 2.

If the device is in fact real, hits this holiday season and is priced around $250, would you consider it? Or is there another 7-inch tablet that hits your fancy?

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