The James Bond 007 iPhone 5 Case

The James Bond 007 iPhone 5 Case


A new product by a start-up business on Indigogo is reshaping the way cases interact with our smart phones. This case isn’t just about protecting your iPhone; it’s also about turning it into something that makes the extra thickness do more than just add an extra layer of padding.

“This iPhone case is the type that gets handed to James Bond by Q before he heads out on a mission.” Says a writer for Inqmind, and with its plethora of features, he might just be right.

The designers have clearly tried to make the case fit hand-in-hand with the functionality of the iPhone, creating something that compliments its simplicity, instead of hiding it in a layer of well-manufactured plastic.

The case, which has been dubbed The Ready Case will come with 6 handy features making you all the more ready for action with your new iPhone 5.

Headphone Clip

The headphone clip helps to keep everything nice and tidy, so that when you’re out for a walk going for a jog, you can wrap any excess wire around the clip and you’re good to go.

USB Drive

The USB drive fits straight into the case itself, making it part of the plastic infrastructure. But when you need to quickly transfer files between a non-portable drive and something you can keep with you on the move, this adds a small and lightweight alternative to traditional USB drives. The best thing is that unless your lose your iPhone 5, you won’t lose the USB drive. You’re not going to lose your iPhone 5, are you?


If that’s not cool enough, pop the USB out, and attach it to the Ready Case to use as a kickstand, useful for keeping your phone upright. You can attach it to either the landscape or portrait kickstand ‘ports’ which can be adjusted to change the angle of the device.

Lens Ring

The lens ring gives you the opportunity to take photography on the iPhone 5 even further. You can add a variety of lens to change the viewing image of your iPhones camera, letting you take photos in a new perspective.


If this doesn’t sound useful enough already, the Ready Case also has a detachable multi-tool, making this iPhone case the gadget geek’s Swiss army knife. The multi tool includes a standard knife, serrated knife, a flathead screwdriver and a bottle opener.

The multi-tool comes in either black or silver and you’ll have a choice between an 8GB and 16GB USB drive.

Watch the video below and check out the project on Indigogo, this would be a great fit for James Bond or Mac Gyver.